Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hidden Sleepers

Last night before we went to bed, Jim went in to check on the kids. When he got to Jonathan's bed, he was not surprised to discover that it was empty. As I've mentioned before, Jonathan likes to sleep in the floor. A quick glance at both sides of the bed revealed Jonathan was not readily visible. Jim figured he had scooted up UNDER the bed, so he crouched down and looked there too. Not this side...not the other side...not under Zachary's bed either...where is he?!? At this point, Jim's starting to freak out a little. Where could Jonathan be? He scans the rest of the Jonathan. The closet door is shut, so he can't be in there. The bedroom door was shut, so he couldn't have gotten out. Everything about the room is in order, and all the other kids are accounted for. Where could he be?

And then he found him, curled up with his blanket, sleeping peacefully, all mixed up in a pile of stuffed animals so that you could barely see him.

Little goober!


Jen said...

That is too funny:) Thankfully our kiddos are still tucked safely in their cribs. Oh, and thank goodness they have not discovered how to break out. YET!

ABIGAIL said...

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