Friday, August 8, 2008

THOMAS Needs Sand!

Our neighbor Liz gave the kids an Elmo sprinkler for their birthday. They are still a little unsure sometimes about sprinklers, but like this one because it very small-scale and they can get away from the water easily if they want to.

A note about their clothes: We took these pictures on a Sunday afternoon. I had changed Reagan out of her dress, but left the boys in their church clothes. These aren't outfits I would normally let them get wet and sandy in! It's just the way it happened.

Look! Jonathan's touching Elmo!

Reagan, least in love with the sprinkler, stayed the driest

But the best picture of the day had nothing to do with the sprinkler. We had finally gotten some sand for the sand/water table, and the kids LOVE playing with it. However, they (and Thomas in particular) are very messy with it. It's a little hard to see here, but if you look closely you can see sand in Thomas' hair, on his nose, and all over the top of his shirt!

Thomas dumps and flings sand everywhere. One day after playing outside, I took him to change his diaper and when I pulled his shorts off sand poured out everywhere! His pockets were full of it!

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Judah and Michelle said...

Perhaps the "trickle" word I used was a bit mild for the effect of sand in the house. I am glad he is enjoying the experience so much. Nothing like cleaning sand out of every corner of a little person's body. - M