Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Teacher Friends

Recently we have been visited by some of my former colleagues and their children. It's always so good to see them and watch our kids play together, or at least play near each other! We love the company and the change to our normal routine.

First Stephanie and Knox came to play and it was cool enough that we could go outside and enjoy the backyard. Added bonus: Knox brought a story that he had written and illustrated just for the kids.

Then Angie and Abby came for a visit. They loved having a new playmate close to their age. Abby is several months younger, but an excellent walker, so she kept up with them pretty well! Added bonus: They stayed for lunch! It was a table more full of babies than usual!

Last, Desiree and Morgan came to play. The kids had a BLAST chasing Morgan through the house! And I had a blast sitting on the couch, chatting with Desiree, and watching them rum back and forth! Added bonus: A birthday present with a beautiful card that Morgan made herself!

Thanks everybody for coming to see us!

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