Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Impressive Skills

Okay, remember the post about Jonathan's diaper removing tendencies? (Double Diaper Duty) Well, one morning I came in to get the kids out of bed and found Jonathan's diaper in the floor BUT HE WAS STILL FULLY CLOTHED!! The pajama pants were still on, the backwards pajamas were still on, but the diaper was magically NOT. He had somehow managed to get it off and pull it out through a leg hole! (Impressive skill #1)

That afternoon, after nap, there were THREE diapers in the floor, everyone's but Thomas'.

So that night we had to get even more creative...

Jonathan sports the latest in toddler fashion

The first night of duct tape, Reagan and Zachary both cried when we put it on. But it worked! The next day, for naptime, the mere idea of the duct tape was enough to keep them both diapered. Actually, the threat of duct tape worked on those two for a good long while. Jim managed to convince Jonathan that the tape was a belt "just like Daddy's" and so he was fine with wearing it, excited even! Belt! Belt!

By the time Thomas decided diaper removal seemed like a good idea, R and Z joined back in and were no longer intimidated by the tape. Everybody loves their belt!

Zachary, Thomas, and Reagan

So, you may be wondering...whatever happened to all that talk about potty training? (See 480) Well, I haven't given up on the idea yet. I still plan to give it a shot before cold weather sets in. However, first we have to deal with impressive skill #2...

The first day they needed something to stand on to get into the Pack 'N Plays, but the very next day they figured out how to do it with no help at all, and the day after that they figured out how to get back out, although they'd rather just cry and whine until you do it for them. All four children can now climb in and out of the Pack 'N Plays at will. So far it hasn't been a problem during naptime or bedtime. Somehow, they always stay in! (At least as far as I know!) But all other times of the day, it's just a free-for-all! They aren't very graceful most of the time in either direction. They scale the top and then plummet, crashing to the ground. If they survive the fall, it demolition time! Too much more of this and the poor PnP's will be completely destroyed!
Please try to ignore Jonathan still whining in the background of the next video.

And so the time has come for us to put away our baby beds and make the move to big kid beds! Once we have adequately conquered this transition, then we'll give potty training a try. So stay tuned! The beds are coming!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Those poor beds. What jumpers those children are. I hope they will not jump on the new beds like this. Good luck to all!

Love, Kay-Kay

Becky said...

Duct tape- awesome.

Not many parents must resort to duct tape, in fact this is the first I've heard of it.

Do you have to cut the diapers off?