Friday, August 8, 2008

More Outdoor Fun

When they aren't swinging or dumping sand in their hair, the kids like to chase each other around the yard. They can be hilarious to watch! It makes me so, SO glad that we now have a fenced-in yard for them to play in! I can't imagine trying to confine them to the patio like we did last fall or only going outside when there were extra adults around to help keep the kids safe like we did last summer. Playing outside would just be impossible without the fence. I'd have to yell at them all the time to stay here, don't go there, come back! I'd be angry when they didn't listen and yell at them for that. I'd be exhausted from chasing them down and dragging them back to safety. Basically there would be a lot of yelling and not a lot of freedom and very little fun for them or me. Nothing like the good times we enjoy now!

Here's some video of the kids running and chasing. Again Reagan finds herself at the bottom of a dogpile (I swear she isn't always the victim!) but notice how she tosses ALL THREE boys off to escape! That girl is strong!


-jim- said...

I’m so glad the majority of that video was in the ONE spot of our yard with no grass! I try so hard to have a nice yard for the kids but building the barn was hard on that part of the yard. I figured I would wait until fall to try to "bring it back" and know the WHOLE WORLD has seen it. good grief


Callie said...

That's hilarious!

We went to the Children's Museum today and found you a parking spot if you want to go the next time you're in town. Next to the handicapped spots, they had spots marked for triplets and quadruplets.