Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay, here's the latest on Thomas...As I think I mentioned in the last post, he went to the dr last Thurs and she said it was teething pain. So we kept him on regular doses of pain killers the rest of Thurs, all Fri, and all Sat. He was miserable most of the time. It has been really heartbreaking. Well, Sat night, a rash showed up on his neck and along his hairline--tiny pink dots all over. It didn't seem to be bothering him at all, so we decided to wait and see what happened. Well, Sun it had spread across his chest and back, but his mood was improved. He didn't seem constantly miserable, just every now and then. So we waited some more and made lots of guesses, both rational and irrational, about what the rash could be. Mon, the rash was still there and his mood was equal but not better than Sun, so I went ahead and made an appt for him to see the dr.
This time we got to see Molly. She's our favorite! Well, it turned out that Thomas has an ear infection (again!) as well as infant roseola. That's what caused the rash. The rash looked very different from the red blotchy rash Zachary had which we thought was roseola. Molly said that when she saw pictures of Zachary's rash on the blog, she felt pretty sure that what he had was NOT roseola. She thought it was some sort of hives brought on by Zachary's high fever. She told Jim the name, but he couldn't remember it.

So Thomas is on antibiotics again and seems to feel much better today. Hopefully this won't happen again anytime soon!

In other news, I have finished one of the bumblebee costumes, and I have to say it's pretty great! I'm really quite proud of myself! I'll try to get a picture on soon! It took me forever, so my time is short to get the second one finished. After that, I should have more time for blog posts that have lots of good pictures!

And finally, a belated Happy Birthday to BA! Somebody please tell her I said happy birthday! We all know she doesn't have internet at her house and Blogger is blocked at school! I'd put up a picture, but she'll never see it!

Just wait til you see me as a ladybug!

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