Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not Again!

Tuesday was fabulous! Going to Ladies Bible Class and having happy babies! I felt like a normal person again! This sick episode had hit me pretty hard. I hardly left the house all last winter, but only rarely did it bother me. I was just used to it! But recently, my life had begun to seem much more like that of any other mom. We went to church regularly, we went to Ladies Bible Class, we had playgroup, I've taken the kids to Target and Kroger all by myself! We were really getting to a point where the world was becoming a much more open place for us. Not totally open, but our options have been expanding. So I was starting to get used to being able to load the kids a up and go places! And I was LOVING it! But then they got sick. And I was stuck in the house for days and days. And it was much harder to be housebound after having a taste of freedom! So Tuesday was really, really great!

Then came Wednesday...

Thomas woke up pitiful and feverish. My heart sank! Not again! I thought. He perked up after breakfast, and slept well during his first nap, so I went ahead and enjoyed my afternoon out of the house. Thank you Kim and Jeanette! He was fussy for them. He was fussy all evening, but slept well. Thursday morning, still feverish and super-fussy. He just looked constantly on the verge of either falling asleep or bursting into tears. And he did burst into tears fairly regularly. Since his last ear infection had begun with days and days of low fever, I decided to go ahead and call the dr, just to make sure I was doing exactly what I needed to do for him. They wanted to see him and make sure it wasn't his ears still bothering him. So Jim took him to the dr that afternoon. His ears are fine! Apparently, this time the fever really is being caused by teething! Every single time one of the kids has had a fever without anything else seeming wrong, my first guess has always been, It could just be teething. Teething can cause a fever. And then a few days later they actually have an ear infection or infant roseola or some other awful thing and it's never actually "just teething."

But this time it is, and it's really doing a number on him! Poor thing! Yesterday was just heart-breaking, he was so pitiful. He seemed to really be in pain, despite the pain reliever. He woke up crying from his afternoon nap and I ended up rocking him for over an hour.

Although, I have to say, when he finally got comfortable and fell asleep in my arms, it was really nice. For me anyway! I can't remember the last time one of the kids cuddled up in my arms and went to sleep there. It was very sweet. But I'd rather him feel good!

Happily, today has been better so far. He's still not quite himself, but he definitely seemed to feel better this morning, and he didn't have a fever. At least, I know it's not contagious, so maybe we can still go to church tomorrow!

I want my Thomas back!

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