Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

In honor of tomorrow (today for most of you reading this), I thought I'd share some of our scariest pictures and most frightening stories. Enjoy!

Beware...the Blob!

The banshee...her screams are deadly!

Help! They're everywhere! I'm surrounded!

Watch out or she'll eat you alive!

Okay, there's only one scary story, but it is a little creepy. I just heard it for the first time not long ago. At least, with the details. I personally cannot swear to the validity of this story, as I was unconscious at the time...

Not long after the babies were born, I was lying in my hospital bed, unconscious. Jim, the teller of this story, was by my side, as he was continuously throughout that time. He hears the door open and turns to see my mom enter the room. She looks at the bed and then looks at Jim, confused, and asks, "Did they move her?" Jim looks at my mom, looks at me on the bed, looks back at my mom, and says, "She's right there." Mom looks back at the bed and finally is able to distinguish my body from the sheets. That's how pale I was from the loss of blood. I was so translucent, you couldn't even see me on the bed. It gave me chills to hear Jim tell that story.

It would have been kind of morbid if anyone had done it at the time, but I really wish someone had taken a picture of me. I would like to see what I looked like!

On a happier note, there will be pictures soon of my adorable children in their adorable costumes! Happy Halloween!

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