Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SO Embarrassing!

Although obviously not too embarrassing to share with the world! I think I feel a need to apologize or defend myself or something. I'm not sure. I just feel a need to share this particular story.

I carry a container of Cheerios in the diaper bag for those times when we're not at home but the kids need a little snack of some sort. We were nearing the end of the box of Cheerios we were currently eating out of, so before I opened a new box, I thought, "Why don't we empty the diaper bag container so I can refill it with fresh Cheerios!" I knew it had been a couple of weeks since I'd filled it last, and those Cheerios might be getting stale. So I went and got the container and opened it up to discover...several cut-up pieces of cheese quesadilla on top of a bunch of nasty shrivelled Cheerios! Ewww!

My mind flashed back to a couple of weeks ago...playgroup at Michelle's house...Jim had needed the van that day and had dropped us off for playgroup. He wouldn't be able to come back for us until after lunchtime, so I had made a cheese quesadilla for the kids to eat for lunch. Jim showed up in the middle of their lunch and was in a hurry, so I just scooped up the leftover pieces into the Cheerios container, intending to feed them to the kids later...but I forgot about them! They were still warm when I put them in there. Nastiness ensued.

I hadn't opened the container since, although I had mentioned it several times to nursery workers during church services and Ladies Bible Class! How many of those ladies opened that container to discover those nasty Cheerios and leftover quesadilla! What kind of mother must they think I am! So here is my story in defense of the disgusting food they think I was offering to my children. I hope they didn't actually feed the kids any! It really was disgusting!

I'm also pretty sure it won't be the only nasty forgotten food I ever discover. This is only the beginning!


Anonymous said...

ewww! ha, ha. you can only laugh about it. my confession: i took two bites of a sandwich saturday before noticing the bread was molded. gag. in my defense, i had just bought the bread the day before! jo

Becky said...

Last week, I found a dirty baby spoon in a plastic baggie in the diaper bag that had obviously been there a long time. I had used it at a restaurant and put it in the bag intending to take it out and clean it. Well, by the time I found it again, the entire spoon and baggie were covered with black mold. I just threw the whole thing away.