Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Coming Soon

Here's just a little teaser to keep you in suspense! I know, it's mean, but when I saw the kids yesterday, I got so excited I could hardly stand it! Halloween costumes are coming! We've borrowed a bumblebee costume and a ladybug costume. I'm going to make two more bumblebee costumes, so the boys will be bees and Reagan obviously will be a ladybug. I tried the two borrowed costumes on Reagan and Zachary yesterday and they were SO CUTE!! I can't wait to get the other two costumes made so I can see them all together! In the meantime, you and I will both have to be content with a flashback to last year...The Crying Candy Corns!
And, as you may remember, for whatever reason, the kids hated the hats and quit crying as soon as we took them off!

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Becky said...

that is hilarious!!!