Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Good Checkup

We just got back from our 12-month checkup and everything went great! Except the shots! They hated those! But other than that we're totally healthy and developing right on schedule. Here are their new weights and percentages. Remember that the boys are measured differently from girls so that's why Zachary weighs more but Reagan's percentage is higher. Anyway, Zachary remains top dog at 21lb 12oz but has dropped percentage-wise to 35%, not that that's a problem though. Reagan maintains her spot in second place weighing 21lb 4oz, but takes first place percentage-wise with a whopping 60%. Thomas, my prize eater, has overtaken third place with a weight of 20lb 1oz, finally climbing up from 3% to 15%! Jonathan has dropped into the fourth spot with a weight of 19lb 2oz and 8%. None of these weights or percentages are cause for concern. All four babies are growing and developing and healthy and that's what really matters!

Just as an update, we still have no walkers, but Reagan took about a step and a half last Friday night. She has taken no steps since then. In fact, she is kind of refusing to even try. Little Miss Strong Opinions! All babies will walk behind the push walkers, and Jonathan and Zachary have even gotten pretty good at steering them. Jonathan is especially good, steering his around obstacles and in between jumpers with ease. Everyone but Thomas will let go of their supports and stand alone momentarily. Reagan does it most often. Every day we seem to have evidence of their growing understanding of language. Although they aren't really talking yet themselves (although they do occasionally say dada and seem to actually mean Jim) they understand the words of the world around them more and more. It's a lot of fun! I'm sure that as time goes on, there will be lots of stories about language development!

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Pam said...

My Grandquads are just growing and growing I wish I could see them every day.