Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Birthday Bash

June 16th, we had the big party here at the house for the kids' birthday. It was a crazy day full of family and friends, just a few of the wonderful people who have been such an important part of the babies' lives.

Jonathan monopolizes the conversation with Papaw and Nene

Wow! You can see everything from up here!
Reagan and Daddy Bud

What do you mean we're giving this exersaucer to Cousin Tyler!?!

Morgan tries out the pool before it gets overrun by babies

Carter thinks Morgan is loads of fun

Zachary catches up with former night nanny Jean

Opening presents--notice the bow on Jonathan's head!
(Also, Thomas isn't king of the day, he just happened to be the one that ended up in Carter's high chair because Carter was using one of ours--long story!)

A cake for each baby and one for the rest of us!
I put each baby's initials on their slice in Cheerios! It was a sure bet to entice them to dig in!
Aunt Jayne made the big cake! It was delicious!



Reagan, right after she picked up the whole slice with both hands!

Thomas, right before he rubbed his face and got icing in both eyes!

Okay, you jump out first. I'm right behind you!

It's not a bloody nose, it's chocolate!

Racing each other to see who gets the blue ball first

So much pool, so many babies!

Hmmm...Carter is big and cool with all his fancy walking and stuff, but I'm not sure I want to share my ball with him!

The kids try out the tables and chairs that Daddy Bud made (that's right, he MADE them!)--one set was Mommy's on her first birthday and a matching set makes it just right for four!


suzanne said...

awww! happy birthday babies!!!! i absolutely LOVED the pics!!! and congrats to mom and dad for surviving one year! ;)

Becky said...

looks like a blast! wish I could have been there. beautiful table- talented granddad.
Love you!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Allison!! I wanted to know if you (or your dad) has plans for those tables and chairs. I would really like a copy if at all possible. We are currently entertaining the idea of a table and chairs being the next Philip construction project!!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

love, love, love the pictures!!! they are adorable! i alos love the table set, what a great present for the kids. it looks like they enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

i'm sad we couldn't be there. it looks like you had an absolute blast! the kids are so big! we can't wait to see you next week!!! love you, jodie

desanibel said...

Looks like they had an amazing time. My girls didn't want anything to do with the cake... i think all the singing freaked them out... they just cried and wanted out of the high chairs. Beautiful kiddos