Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Catching Up

The babies are one year old today!

But before I talk about their birthday, I need to do some catching up...

First, on June 5 Thomas had a checkup with the pulminologist to make sure his lungs were still doing okay. They did a chest x-ray, and he looked and sounded great. He has not been getting regular breathing treatments for months now, so that was good news! He weighed 19lb 4oz that day! But this was only a small part of the big day Thomas and I had.

Since I had generous friendly helpers coming to watch the other three kids while I took Thomas to the dr., I decided to just make an afternoon of it. Thomas and I left the house at noon and went to meet Daddy for lunch at Wishbones. It was Thomas' first time at a restaurant, fast food or otherwise, and mine and Jim's first attempt at eating a meal at a restaurant with a child of our own. It was a pretty successful venture! Although he did make quite a mess in the floor, he didn't scream or cry or embarrass us in any way. He was perfectly sweet and adorable enough than a stranger stopped by our table to ask how old he was and tell us how cute he was. The nice man was pretty shocked to hear that we had three more at home!

Don't worry, we super-cleaned the table before letting him eat off it!

We LOVE Wishbones! When can we do this again?

After lunch, Thomas and I went to Target and did a little shopping. He was perfectly well-behaved there too, grinning at every passerby and charming the cashier. Then we went to CVS to pick up a prescription, and the only trouble he caused was wanting desperately to pick up and chew on the pen I used to sign off at the pharmacy. Eww!

After all that, we went to the dr. and he was super-good even though he was getting really tired by then. He fell asleep almost instantly once we got back in the car. He was exhausted from his big day out on the town!

On the 15th, all the kids had an appointment at the High Risk Clinic. We went there back in Dec. where they passed all their developmental evaluations with flying colors. They did the same this time. What a shock! I had really hoped that one of them would be walking by the time we had this appointment, but no, we had to settle for everyone crawling and pulling up and beginning to stand. They didn't write down the weights for me, so the only one I know is Reagan at 21lb 7oz. This is interesting to me as it puts her having gained only 1 and a half lbs over the last three months, whereas Thomas has gained almost 3. I'm really looking forward to our one-year checkup next week and getting their weights and percentages. It would be nice to see that Thomas is no longer at 3%!

Okay, I think that catches us up for the most part. I'm behind on the monthly pictures, but at least you're caught up with what's going on in our lives, up to birthday time! Expect it soon!

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hi my name is mommy said...

Ahhh, how truly amazing! When I read a blog like yours I am always mezmerized by Mothers of Multiples, and then I realize that I am one myself! What a fantastic family you have. Happy Belated Birthday to your Little Angels!