Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Third Month

On Aug 21, Thomas returned to the pediatrician, and happily this time they let us keep him!

On Aug 30, we all returned to the pediatrician for our official 2-month checkup.Zachary weighed 11lb 12oz, Reagan weighed 10lb 7.5oz, Jonathan weighed 10lb 4oz, and Thomas weighed 8lb 2oz. This put Zachary and Reagan both at 50%, Jonathan at 25%, and Thomas at 3%. They all got great checkups, and nobody had to go to the NICU!

Addendum to last month: We were finally able to find a permanent night nanny. It wasn't easy. I don't know why so few people wanted to stay up all night with crying babies! Nevertheless, we were blessed to find a generous soul to take on our challenging job. Bradley started working for us August 14 and did a fabulous job!


Aunt Jodie, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Kinley came for a visit over Labor Day weekend. Jeff's wonderful sister Julie graciously allowed them to borrow her camera, and Jodie launched quite a photo shoot of her own with fantastic results! We had a great time with them! (PS--Thanks to Jarra for the adorable outfits with their names on them!)

With Cousin Kinley

The next week we had another visit from Granny Pam and Great-granny Kat. They brought with them pictures of Aunt Carey and our new cousin -to-be!

On Sept. 20 the babies turned 3 months old! It was a big day full of pictures and visitors! My friend Stacey from Harding came with Michelle to help out with the photo shoot. It was great to see her again! She was in town on a recruiting trip for Harding. We had a really great picture day, getting good ones of all the kids and of me and Jim too! Hurrah for Michelle again!





Me and Stacey with the kids

Also that day we had a surprise visit from Jim's Aunt Jayne and Cousin Caleb. What a treat to have them come by!


Becky said...

This is wonderful! I had been thinking to myself for some time that you should start a blog! It's the best way for people to keep up with your life and I will enjoy seeing what you guys are up to! And watching those babies grow!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Reading this post was funny since most of the quadlets were bigger than Ethan at his three month check up:)