Friday, January 19, 2007

The Fourth Month

In October, Thomas started receiving visits from Kim through TIPS (Tennessee Infant Parent Services). All the kids had been evaluated by Tennessee Early Intervention, and none of them showed any significant delays, but because of the issues Thomas had when he was born, he qualified for services. Kim began coming once a week to work with Thomas and encourage his development. I think it was more fun for her than work since he wasn't really having any issues.

Also in October we started getting RSV shots. Because they were premature, our insurance paid for them to get the shots to help keep them from getting RSV, an illness that is highly contagious and can land victims in the hospital. Thank goodness our insurance pays for the shots! The kids get them once a month from October to April and each shot costs around $1700! That's $1700 per child per month! They better work!

At RSV shots on Oct.9, their weights were: Zachary 14lb 1oz, Reagan 12lb 11oz, Jonathan 12lb 9oz, and Thomas 10lb 2oz.

On Oct.17 we experienced our first real illness. Reagan came down with a mild case of croup. Luckily, she didn't spread it to any of the other kids!

On Oct.20, the babies turned 4 months old! Here are the results of Michelle's photo shoot:



We timed the photos kind of poorly and were unable to finish individual shots before the kids started getting cranky. I finished them later, but of course mine aren't as good!



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Becky said...

I think Reagan looks so much like you!