Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The First Month

Jonathan, Zachary, and Reagan in their crib

Jonathan, Zachary, and Reagan came home from the hospital July 6, 2006. My parents and sister were there to help out. Great-aunt Nancy and Great-uncle George came from Memphis to see them the very next day.
Me, Daddy Bud, and KayKay feeding the babies

Great-aunt Nancy holds all three!

The following Monday, we went to the pediatrician for the first time. At that time, Zachary weighed 6lb 2.5 oz, Reagan weighed 5lb 9.5 oz, and Jonathan weighed 5lb 5oz. Compared to other babies theri age, Zachary was at 5% and the other two were at 3%. This means that only 3-5% of other babies are smaller than they were. Tiny, little things! Back in the NICU on this same day, Thomas weighed 5lb 3oz. All three kids had a good checkup.

Jodie and Kinley flew back to Memphis on the 13th. On the 16th my parents returned to Memphis, and Granny Pam and Great-granny Kat (Jim's mom and grandmother) joined us to help out for the next couple of weeks. They had been to visit the day the babies were born and at least one other time while I was still in the hospital. (I'm pretty sure...it's a little hazy in my memory..)

Granny Pam and Great-granny Kat getting some love

On July 20 the babies turned one month old! My wonderful friend Michelle came over to do the first of many Harris baby photo shoots.

Jonathan, Reagan, and Zachary--One month old
It was sad to have only three babies in those one-month pictures, but little Thomas was still in the NICU.

Thomas--One month old

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