Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Fifth Month

On Oct.26 we had our official 4-month checkup. At that time, the kids weighed: Zachary 14lb 14.5oz, Reagan 13lb 8.5oz, Jonathan 13lb 7.5oz, and Thomas 11lb 1.5oz. This had Zachary and Reagan at 50%, Jonathan at 25%, and Thomas still at 3%. They got another good checkup, and the pediatrician said we could now start stage 1 baby food! This was a lot of fun, but very messy! I would say their favorite foods are sweet potatoes, carrots, and applesauce. Their least favorites are peas and plain rice cereal. They liked the cereal a lot better once I started adding fruit to it!
Feeding Jonathan

Feeding Zachary

Feeding Reagan

Feeding Thomas

Feeding Everyone!

My parents returned on the 28th and stayed through Halloween. I took Jonathan and Thomas on their first trip to South-Doyle on the 30th. And then it was Halloween!

Michelle helped me make costumes for the kids for Halloween! They turned out great! Unfortunately, the kids did not enjoy wearing them. I think they were too hot, or they were just tired and cranky. Who knows?

Crying Candy Corn





Granny Pam came for a visit on Nov.3 and spent the whole day with us! Michelle's mom also stopped by that night to see the babies. I have a very hazy memory of her coming to see me in the hospital when they were born, but she had never seen the babies.

Nov.8 we had RSV shots again. This was an exciting visit because the doctor told us that Thomas didn't need to have Xopenex anymore! He would still get Pulmicort twice a day, but with only one medicine, the treatments were significantly shorter!

On Nov.18 we had a huge shindig at the house. What started as a small get-together with a couple of friends turned into a pre-Thanksgiving bonanza. That Sat. we were joined by Uncle Clay and Aunt Carey; Granny Pam, Great-granny Kat, and Great-aunt Jayne: Michelle, Judah, David and Abby; Bryon and Darlene; Jason and Blake; and Josh, Cris, ans Carter! It was a very full house! But we had a blast and managed to sneak in a surprise baby shower for Clay and Carey!

Uncle Clay and Jonathan

Aunt Carey and Reagan

Granny Pam and Jonathan

On Nov.20 the babies turned 5 months old! We used these pictures for our Christmas cards. (My apologies to any who didn't get one. You can see it in the top right-hand corner of the blog.) Here are a few we didn't use:
(orange-Thomas, pink-Reagan, blue-Zachary, green-Jonathan)


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Becky's. Not sure if you remember me from Harding but I remember you. Congrats on your beautiful, healthy babies! I love seeing all the favorite so far is the candy corn. Very cute idea! --Brandy

Becky said...

I LOVE the second picture in the "pics we did not end up using on the Christmas cards" section. And I've got to say those are such cute outfits...:)

Callie said...

Oh, Allison, thank you for starting a blog! I've been secretly hoping that you would, haha. The babies are so big and beautiful!