Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Trip Comes to an End

Gracious, it takes me too long to do things! I hope to finish off the beach trip here. There will probably be a lot of pictures and not so many words!

These first pictures came from Josh and Cris and would have gone on previous posts if I’d had them at the time.


Jonathan, Reagan, Kennedy, Carter, Zachary, Thomas—outside the Old Oyster Factory, our first dining adventure of the vacation. The 5 big kids all got free shirts and had to wear them immediately!

DSC08926 Kennedy

DSC08929 2 Reagan, in her beach bed

DSC08971 Me and my girl

DSC09067 Go Vols! Josh puts the finishing touches on his and Jim's masterpiece, the Power T!

DSC09069 All our little Volunteers! If only we’d had orange sand!

DSC09113 Carter and Kennedy

DSC09155 JonZReaTom at the water’s edge

DSC09218 Me and Kennedy

The rest of the pictures are all from our last night in Hilton Head. I forced everyone to participate in formal beach pictures! :)



DSC_0195 Josh and Cris with Carter and Kennedy

DSC_0210 Me and Jim with Jonathan, Zachary, Thomas, and Reagan

DSC_0280 all the kiddos

group edit Everybody!

After the formal pics, we just ran around and enjoyed our last evening on the beach.




DSC_0375 Our beautiful daughter



DSC_0463 Our handsome sons


DSC_0507 Our wonderful friends

And that ends the beach trip! We spent the rest of the evening packing all our things back up, then got up at the crack of dawn and hit the road.

But the fun times didn’t stop when we left Hilton Head! We’ve been super busy ever since with all sorts of other exciting adventures! Stay tuned!

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BECKY said...

Great pics! Love easing about your trip!