Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Blooms at the Beach

Just when you think I might actually write about something else, here comes the beach again!

I just wanted to mention what fun we had that week watching Carter and Reagan together. Carter was not shy about sharing his preference for being with Reagan. He regularly wanted to hold her hand or sit beside her, and she was generally accepting of his attentions. So we, especially Cris and I, had fun imagining ourselves as future in-laws and planning to use some of the following pictures in the wedding video when our kids get married.



DSC_0882 DSC_0083Of course, I’m fully aware that the likelihood of these two becoming future sweethearts is pretty slim, especially since Reagan informed me a few days ago that she’s going to marry David when she grows up.

Ah, young love!


Judah and Michelle said...

Well David will be much relieved with Reagan's choice. He has been considering marrying Reagan since her birth. Previously planning on marrying his mother or sister and told that was not an option. When Reagan was born he was presented with an acceptable alternative. His little heart has been at peace ever since. - M

Anonymous said...

And J wants to marry her...or Kallen....or ME!

Love, K-K