Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, like all things blog-related, this is late making it, but we have successfully completed our first season of organized sports! This fall the kids played soccer, and they really enjoyed it!

We signed them up with AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). Their “team” was really just a huge group of boys and girls in our area who were all 4 or 5 years old. Every week we had one practice/game night. When we arrived for practice, the kids were split up boys and girls. They would practice for the first half of the evening and then be split up into teams of four to play a game. The four-person teams were different from one week to the next. The main goal of the season was not to teach the kids all that much about soccer, but rather to have them out on the field having fun.

Here are a few shots (okay, a LOT of shots) of the kiddos having fun:


Jonathan #14

Can you tell how much the uniforms swallowed my kids? Especially Jonathan! The shirts hung down to their knees and the shorts hung almost to their ankles.

DSC_0471 Thomas #13

Thomas was always falling down, but he often seemed to be doing it on purpose. I know many of you and not surprised to hear that!


Zachary #16

By the end of the season, the boys had really made some progress. In the final game, all three of them scored at least one goal!

DSC_0473 Thomas

DSC_0481 Reagan #3

Reagan had a lot of fun, but I think she enjoyed the social aspect of it more than anything. She just liked running around and playing with girls for a change!

DSC_0519 Zachary and Thomas

DSC_0715 Reagan

DSC_0718 Reagan

DSC_0723 Water break!


DSC_0761 Don’t forget Coach Daddy!


Carter played too! (In fact, it was Josh and Cris’ idea in the first place!)

DSC_0505 Kennedy wanted to play too, but she’s just not old enough!

DSC_0814 Jonathan, Thomas, Zachary, Carter, Reagan

(Notice where Carter and Reagan are sitting!)

DSC_0825 At the end of the season, all the kids got a medal for participation. I think that might have been their favorite part!

We had a lot of fun playing soccer this fall. I’m sure it won’t be the last season we play. Thanks to all of you who were able to come out and watch! The kids loved having an audience they actually knew!

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