Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Town

We did venture into Hilton Head a time or two while on vacation (I know, you thought I was done talking about the beach trip, but HA!! I fooled you!)

So we left the Palmetto Dunes area where our “beach house” was and went to see the marina and lighthouse in Sea Pines.


As we were walking along, we came across a statue (below) of a man eating a sandwich while reading a book. How cute! Let’s have all the kids sit around the statue like they’re being read to! It was a great idea, but in the process there was a tragic collision between Jim's tennis shoe and one of my toenails.


So we finished the picture, and then I hobbled my bleeding foot over to the nearest bench to assess the damages.


I managed to find ONE tissue in my purse, which I used to mop up the blood as best I could. The toenail on my right big toe had ripped up in an unfortunate way, but not off, luckily. I was able to stop the bleeding, but not really clean it off much. My bloody toe was not a pretty sight, so I went digging in my purse yet again and discovered ONE band-aid.

DSC_0045That’s right. Lightning McQueen.

Oh, well. I’m a trooper, and although my toe really hurt and I basically limped the rest of the evening, I tried not to complain (at least most of the time) or ruin any of our plans.



We had lots to look at and do in Sea Pines. We enjoyed just walking around and looking at the huge boats, and there was a great big stage for the kids to dance on!


DSC_0049 Thomas learned all his best moved from his dad!

We even climbed to the top of the lighthouse! I was really impressed by how well the kids did walking up all those stairs. They were troopers too!


DSC_0078 Zachary, Thomas, Reagan, Carter, Jonathan, and Kennedy


After the lighthouse, we needed AIR CONDITIONING, so we decided it was time to eat! We were hot and thirsty, so it was really nice to get inside and sit down and have something to drink.

DSC_0090 Our little diva

Later we visited a second marina beside the Salty Dog Cafe. There the kids got to play on the playground, we bought them some shirts, and everybody had ice cream!


After this, I must admit that my patience was wearing thin. My toe was throbbing, we had walked and walked and walked, and I was SO HOT. I was ready for this day to be done.

DSC_0103 Goodbye, Salty Dog!

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memckee2 said...

Just keep sending along those wonderful pictures! Love the ones of T and R.