Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bathing Beauties

We loved the beach, but we also loved the pool! With the Puddle Jumpers, the kids felt comfortable enough to float all over the pool. They loved that freedom!

DSC_0816 Beautiful baby Kennedy

DSC_0814 Mama and her ducklings

DSC_0860 I told Jonathan that he was my little water bug because he LOVED the water so much! He was the only one to voluntarily (and happily) put his whole head under water. I even coaxed him out of his floats for some real swimming. I hope the kids can take swimming lessons next summer!

DSC_0107 Do I look like a bug to you?

DSC_0111 Reagan

DSC_0114 Zachary, loving life away from the stairs

DSC_0117 Zachary and Daddy

DSC_0126 My COLD little water bug

DSC_0129 Heading back to “the beach house”

More to come! I hope to get finished soon!

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Collins Family said...

Looks like fun. We love our puddle jumper too. It was wonderful this summer and really does help with them feeling safe and gaining confidence in the water!