Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Didn’t Know What We Were Missing

At the beginning of the summer we paid a super-fun visit to Memphis. The news is over a month old, but I just recently got the pictures my sister took and really needed them to do the trip justice. There’s a lot more than I can put in one post at a single sitting, so there may be a series of posts. It’s hard to say at this point.

One of the first things we did on this trip was visit the Children’s Museum in Memphis. Although the cousins had been there before, my kids and I had not, and WOW! What an impressive museum! If you’re ever in Memphis, definitely check it out! You won’t be disappointed! You know how much I love taking the kids to the Children’s Museum in Oak Ridge, but it really can’t even be compared to the one in Memphis. They are in two COMPLETELY different leagues!

The first area we entered was all about airplanes. When you turned on the activity pictures below, all the fans in the back came to life, generating enough air speed that the plane would lift off the ground. Then you could steer the plane with the controls and watch it fly!


There was also the front part of AN ACTUAL JET that the kids could climb all through and push buttons and flip switches.


The next area had a “stream” for the kids to “fish” with magnetic poles. They LOVED it!


Next there was a little grocery store for the kids to go shopping, with working cash registers that even printed receipts if you followed the directions!


There was also a green screen area (two actually) where the kids could watch themselves on the big screen while they ran and danced around. The backgrounds on the screen kept changing, so they might be underwater or in the desert or at a castle. There were costumes too!



Another area had a real-life motorcycle, police car, and fire truck to play on.

IMG_4780 IMG_4776

Other areas had art projects, fake teeth to brush, houses to play in with plenty of light switches to flip on and off all you wanted, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Really, it was incredible!


There are so many more pictures, but time is short. Lots more to say about our Memphis trip too, plus all our other activities, hopefully coming SOON!!

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