Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Fishin’

Father’s Day was also JonZReaTom’s actual birthday. We had already had the party, but shouldn’t the actual birthday be special too? OF COURSE!! And it was!

PawPaw and NeNe and Aunt Jayne came for a visit that day, and as the grand finale to the giftapalooza, PawPaw pulled out four brand-new fishing poles and said, “Let’s go fishing!” This suggestion was met with shrieks of excitement from the kiddos, so off we went! Of course, mom and dad were expecting this trip, so Jim had already scouted the area for a good (and convenient) spot to fish. We took the kids to Ned McWherter Park downtown on the river.

DSC_0139 (2)

PawPaw helped Zachary cast his first line and within minutes he had a bite. It was SO FAST! Daddy stepped in quickly and helped Zachary land his first fish!

DSC_0140 (2)DSC_0141 (2)

Daddy and Zachary with the prize fish (I’m told it’s a sun perch) before we let it go.

But wait! We didn’t catch just ONE fish! Minutes later, Zachary caught a second fish! Then Reagan managed to get into Zachary’s honey spot and she caught a fish too!

DSC_0143 (2)DSC_0145 (2)

Thomas got a bite too, but lost it…or so we thought! Zachary wandered over to Thomas’ spot and Thomas, thinking his fish had gotten away, let Zachary have his seat. Zachary picked up the pole and reeled in fish #4!!

DSC_0147 (2)

Poor Jonathan tried patiently the whole time and never caught a thing. I don’t think he even had a nibble. But he was a trooper and never complained!

DSC_0149 (2)

After fishing we made our way over to the playground to drain every last bit of remaining energy from the birthday boys and girl.

DSC_0151 (2) DSC_0155 (2)

It’s never occurred to me before, but in THIS picture, Reagan looks A LOT like my sister when she was little!

DSC_0159 (2) Jonathan and Reagan both wanted to climb this swirly pole, but then when they got halfway up, they didn’t know what to do and had to be helped back down!

DSC_0186 (2)

DSC_0171 (2)Happy Fourth Birthday to Jonathan, Zachary, Thomas, and Reagan!!

DSC_0177 And Happy Father’s Day too!

Our first fishing trip was so much more successful than I expected. I really thought we’d sit around in the sweltering heat for 10, maybe 15, minutes without a single nibble and then pack up four whining children and leave. I didn’t expect us to catch a fish. I certainly didn’t expect us to catch FOUR!! It was still sweltering, but at least it was shady, and the excitement of catching fish kept us from focusing on the heat.

Thank you PawPaw, NeNe, and Aunt Jayne for coming to visit and helping us have a fantastic birthday! We’re ready to go fishing again, so come back anytime!

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What great picture, and what wonderful memories!