Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wet and Wild

Of course, we didn’t have to go anywhere to have fun in Memphis. We had tons of fun just staying home!

The kids got to eat nearly every meal in front of the TV, always a treat!


There was always SOMEBODY willing to read a story!


KayKay is MUCH MORE willing to make time for playing games on the computer than Momma!


And don’t forget the Slip ‘n Slide and pool! The kids had SO MUCH fun! Bud and KayKay have a great hill in their back yard, not much fun to mow but PERFECT for a Slip ‘n Slide! I was really surprised by how much the kids liked it this year. They were not quite the fans last year! Check out the fun times!

DSC_0005 Aren’t the girls adorable in their matching ballerina swimsuits? Such a cute present from Aunt Nancy! And yes, despite being a year younger than Reagan, Kallen IS taller! The cousins will be tall like their mom! No such luck for JonZReaTom!

DSC_0043 Even Zachary, who is typically leery of any activities involving water, had a blast sliding through the sprinklers!


Thomas, cheesing for the camera

DSC_0009 Zachary, thoroughly enjoying himself


Cousin Kinley, ready to take off down the hill

DSC_0063 Reagan, relaxing in the pool

DSC_0010 Jonathan couldn’t slow down long enough to look at the camera!

DSC_0026 Kallen was right there with the rest of them! She didn’t let being the youngest keep her from anything!

DSC_0016 Making it look easy!

DSC_0013 Cousin Kallen, what a cutie!

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