Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nature Nook: the Birdfeeder?

The kids received a birdfeeder for their birthday, and we were all so excited to fill it up and hang it up and wait for the birds to come! We hung it from a tree limb we could see from the playroom. Then we waited…

In the days to come we spotted robins and cardinals and a couple of birds I couldn’t identify, but the most frequent visitor to our birdfeeder wasn’t a bird at all. He was, however, lots of fun to watch!


Every time we scoot the birdfeeder out along the limb, the squirrel(s) come along and scoot it back to the trunk so they can get at it better. It’s fascinating to watch them hang upside down the way they do, as if hanging on by a single toenail! They’re so entertaining I find myself not minding too much that they’re eating all the birdfeed!


memckee2 said...

Just give it up and call it a squirrel feeder!

Anonymous said...

Rocky 2! (You've probably read about the adventures of the Lillards' pet squirrel on Mostly Sweet.) Glad you are enjoying the birds & the squirrel(s).

Love, K-K

Callie said...

Yeah, let us know if he answers to the name of Rocky! I think he got mad at us when we left town for a week, so maybe he headed your way!