Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just to Let You Know

We really have not fallen off the face of the planet! There is so much to share and so many pictures to show and not enough time in the day to do it while still accomplishing all the other tasks that must be accomplished (Did I mention the HOURS I spent yesterday trying to get the kids' clothes switched out in their closet? I now have a closet full of warm weather clothing that may or may not fit my kids. Ugh. HOURS. I'm not kidding!) We had company over Easter weekend, so much fun! And so many other activities just over the horizon! SO BUSY!! Of course, it doesn't help that the weather has been so beautiful! How can I stay inside with all that gorgeous nature beckoning from the window! I know there's a pile of laundry to do, but there's a swing outside and a book to read while the kids run around in the sunshine, and we need our vitamin D right? Nature always wins! Poor undone piles of laundry. Poor neglected blog.

Maybe if I quit sleeping, I can catch up...

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