Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sing Your Heart Out

When we arrived at church this past Sunday, we were surprised to learn that the kids would be singing a song before the congregation that morning! (With their class, not just them!) Due to other engagements, we had not been at church the two previous Sundays, so we didn’t know this was happening and were a little concerned that the kids wouldn’t know the songs, and then what would they do when they got on stage in front of ALL THESE PEOPLE!!

Happily, our fears were unnecessary! The songs were unfamiliar to me, but very simple, so the kids must have picked up on them well enough to not be too nervous. Or maybe little kids just don’t know to be nervous when they are unprepared. I don’t know. Either way, JonZReaTom showed not a moment of hesitation when they marched up front with the other kids.

Thomas and Reagan led the line and stood at the far end of the group. Jonathan and Zachary were more in the middle. The teachers and song leader started the song, and all the kids joined in, and their sweet voices brought smiles to everyone!

But it wasn’t just the voices that we smiled at! The video system was on so that you could watch the kids up on the screen too, so everyone could see them as well as hear them. This allowed everyone to get a great view of our precious Reagan who was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She was singing away and swaying with the song, and ever now and then she’d do a little joyful jump into the air! It was so adorable!

Jim and I were so proud of the great job they all did! I wish I had it on video! Not shy, those kids! What a joy to see all those beautiful children singing about their best friend Jesus, with such joy and innocence! If only we could all live our lives with the joy of young children!

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