Friday, April 30, 2010

Have I Mentioned My Children Are Brilliant?

Heehee! Of course, I have! Okay, this is just a cute story that shows not necessarily that Zachary is brilliant, but that he has total confidence in his ability to be brilliant!

Zachary was out in the garage with Jim the other day, watching Jim work on whatever he was working on. It was a special time all to itself when things just happened to work out in such a way that the other kids went with Momma and Zachary stayed with Daddy and EVERYONE WAS OKAY WITH IT. That's really the miracle right there!

Anyway, Jim and Zachary were enjoying some together time, and somehow got to talking about the planets. Zachary casually mentioned that Saturn has rings. Jim was pleasantly surprised to discover that Zachary even knew about Saturn, even more surprised he knew about the rings! (He also knows that Mars is red, and we live on Earth. That is the full extent of my children's planetary knowledge. At least as far as I know!) He was surprised enough to wonder where Zachary had learned these things, so he asked him:

Jim: Did you learn about Saturn at preschool?

Zachary: Nooo, Dad!

Jim: Well, where DID you learn it?

Zachary: (arms spread wide) Right here!

Jim: Here at home? Did you learn that on TV?

Zachary: Noooo.

Jim: Did Mommy teach you?

Zachary: Nooo.

Jim: (desperate to get to the bottom of this mystery) Well, who DID teach you?

Zachary: I taught myself! (arms spread wide again) Right here!

If he had known to say "Duh!" he would have. That is definitely the attitude he had. He is brilliant and he taught himself all about Saturn and he did it RIGHT HERE! Anything less would be ridiculous! He is Zachary! He won't poop in the potty, but dadgummit he knows about Saturn! Duh!

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