Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making it All Better

Last night, Thomas threw a toy across the room. He claimed he was trying to throw it into its container, but his aim was unfortunately poor and instead of landing in the bucket, it landed violently on Reagan’s hand.

Screams of pain erupted immediately from Reagan, followed quickly by screams of protest from Thomas who was found himself suddenly hauled off to preschooler perdition by his daddy.

I comforted Reagan as best I could, kissed her booboo, assured her she was not bleeding and did not need a band-aid, and eventually she calmed down. Soon after, Thomas was allowed to return, and the following conversation began:

Dad: Tell Reagan you’re sorry you hurt her.

Thomas: Sorry. (A single word thrown at her as he passed by on his way to a toy)

Dad: No, Thomas. Tell her right!

Thomas: (returned to Reagan and sat down beside her) Reagan, I’m sorry I hurt you.

Dad: Ask her if she’s okay.

Thomas: Are you okay?

Reagan: No.

Thomas: She said no!

Dad: Well, ask he if there’s anything you can do for her.

Thomas: Reagan, is there anything I can do for you?

Reagan: Well…you could give me a kiss and a hug!

And Thomas very dutifully did.

Sometimes, these kids are just too adorable! May your life be filled with hugs and kisses enough to make all your booboos better!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! What great kids, and what a good lesson.


Anonymous said...

Cute story! And I'm glad Ray-Ray is OK.

TnMomTo3 said...

How sweet!! I'm impressed you got a "sorry" out of him. My kids would rather sit on the floor and not move for hours than to say "Sorry" to one of the others. :)