Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Finally Get to the Smiley Face

To the kids it seemed like an eternity, but the day finally arrived for us to hit the road to Bud and KayKay’s house.

As you may remember, Jonathan had been taking special medicine for the last two weeks in preparation for this trip, due to his recently discovered cat allergy (See HERE and HERE). We had high hopes that this medicine would keep him from having any allergic reactions, but had an alternative plan for sleeping at Jodie and Jeff’s house if things didn’t go well. Thankfully, he had no problems at all! Hurrah!

Our visit to Memphis was a lot of fun—filled with family, friends, delicious food, and lots of presents!

We tried something new this year with the kids. Last year they ripped through all their presents all at the same time, and we had no idea who gave them what, so this year we made them take turns opening one present, so we could all see what each child got and know who it was from. It took longer, but it was worth it!

DSC_0997 Zachary in the special present-opening chair!

DSC_1048 Reagan sporting her new jewelry

It was so much fun to watch the cousins all playing together…


…and eating together! What a spread!



Me and Jojo, when she hosted the family at her house

We also tried several times to get a good group shot of all the cousins together, never an easy task! Here are a few of the best shots we got, different poses in different places.




This last shot was taken at Kirby Pines, when we went to visit Uncle George and Aunt Nancy. They reserved us a nice big table in the dining hall for lunch! This is the fanciest place our kids have ever eaten, but they behaved well enough to entertain the other diners without being too much of a bother!


We also managed to pull off this pretty decent family shot on Kirby’s grand staircase. Thanks Jodie, for taking it!


Check out that beard!

We got to see my friend Whitney and her family while we were there too. That was really nice because it had been a LONG time since I had seen Whitney!

As you can tell, we had a really full visit. We had so much fun! The kids are at a fun age and really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with Kinley and Kallen.

As a parting shot for this post, here are the kids right after breakfast, all lined up playing with their new computers. Theses Tote ‘n Go Laptops have been a real hit! The kids LOVE them! And they look so cute when they all play them at the same time!


Thanks Bud and KayKay, Jojo and Jeff, Kinley and kallen, George and Nancy. etc., etc. for a great visit! We loved it and WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun, too! We're looking forward to your next trip!

Love, Bud & K-K

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Jim, I love the beard! It seems to be in style this winter. Philip and I have at least 3 friends who have started growing them out recently.

Merry Christmas Harris Family!