Friday, December 11, 2009

Jonathan Update

Just to fill everyone in…as you know from the previous post, Jonathan had an unexpected allergic reaction on Thanksgiving that prompted a trip to the ER and banishment from Granny’s house until the mystery allergen could be discovered.

Well, we have since been to the allergist, and Jonathan is indeed allergic to CATS! There is infinite sadness in my heart over this, as I am a huge cat-lover and entertained great dreams of the cats that would one day grace our home. Alas. At least for now, it is not to be. Maybe Jonathan will grow out of this allergy one day. A mom can hope!

In the meantime, to prevent future ER trips, we will keep special meds for him handy at all times. We will never again travel without them. And in preparation for our upcoming trip to Bud and KayKay’s house (a house shared with a cat), Jonathan is on a daily inhaled steroid which we will continue until we leave Memphis.

We anticipate no further problems, hopefully! I’ll keep you posted!


Suzy said...

Oh, how sad that he is allergic to cats!! I found out I was allergic a couple of years ago (after decades of having cats), but my allergy is nowhere near as severe as Jonathan's. I hope he outgrows it ... fast! :)

QuatroMama said...

So now I really want an aluminum tree! It's soooo retro and fun! Love the sweet pictures. It's going to be a GREAT year!