Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turning Three

Well, it’s no new thing that the kids are three. Their birthday was months ago! Just look at thr age ticker! It’s also no surprise that I’m just now finally getting around to commenting on the new age! “Always behind” is becoming my new middle name! Oh, well.

Nevertheless, the kids are three, and there are some things that need to be documented. Like the results of our three-year dr’s visit!


At the time of the checkups, Jonathan weighed 26lb and was 34.7in tall. He is the shortest and the lightest, but he at least was able to qualify as 3%, rather than BELOW 3%. He has been removed from the endangered species list for the time being. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click HERE) I’d say this is due mostly to the fact that J has decided that food is yummy after all and he wants to eat it no matter what! He is still a slow eater, but he will sit in his chair and clean his plate no matter how long it takes him. He and Thomas are competeing for the title of best eater, and J may just win!


Zachary weighed 30lb (25%) and was 35.2in tall (5%). This actually makes him the second lightest and shortest, but due to his build, I still think he LOOKS bigger than Thomas. He is easily the pickiest eater, as he has always been, and the most stubborn. This stubbornness has had a great impact on potty training, but that’s for another post!


Reagan weighed 31lb (55%) and was 37in tall (50%). I feel certain that either her height or Thomas’ is wrong, by the dr’s office measurements. Reagan is easily the tallest of the four, but the official measurements have Thomas at a quarter of an inch taller. That just can’t be right! If I had noticed it while we were there, I would have had them re-measured. Oh, well. She’s completely average compared to other girls, but definitely looks tall compared to her short-for-their-age brothers, especially Jonathan!


Thomas weighed 30.5 lb (50%) and was 37.25in tall (50%). He is still a fabulous eater, and the most likely to try new food, although J is quickly catching up! He may be officially bigger than Z, but he doesn’t look it.

All four kids are using the potty now, although only Reagan was at the time they actually turned three. It has been quite a bttle at times, continues to be quite a battle at times, but we are making progress. Reagan went to church in underwear instead of a Pull-Up for the first time today! She did great! Yea! Progress is wonderful! And Zachary had his first accident-free day on Friday! More progress! It gives me hope when the days are full of poopy underwear! I plan to have a whole post devoted to potty training soon. It may have to be a series of posts. We’ll see!

The kids are talking more and more all the time! They love to tell and retell their favorite stories and TV episodes, as well as act them out. This has been a fun new development for playtime. They like to dress up in costumes more than they used to, and pretend all sorts of things. It’s a really fun part of this age!

The not-so-fun parts of this age is the incessant whining, temper tantrums, strong opinions, and fighting with each other. These things make every day a challenge, one that I don’t always meet with patience and gentleness. Actually, that I very rarely meet with patience and gentleness! But I know that to an extent, these problems will not always be what they are now, and as they pass away, so do my little kids become big kids, a change that I anticipate with both relief and regeret, as all parents do!

The boys have become pros at riding the tricycles they got for Christmas, racing each otther in circles around the patio and claiming to be lightning McQueen or the “mean green car.” Reagan is not quite as trike skilled, but she’s making progress too and ought to catch up with them before too long!

Reagan becomes ever more girly, twirling about doing “pretty dances” and talking about ballet while the boys zoom past her with their dump trucks and racecars. It’s interesting to witness their varied natural development, since they are so being nurtured so equally.

The kids start preschool this week! Yea! They are excited, and SO AM I! I’ll have more to tell about that later! I guess this will do for now. I can’t think of anything else to tell at the moment!

By the way, the pics I used are their actual 4:30 birth pics. I always take the kids' pictures around 4:30 on their birthday because that is when they were born. It's a fun tradition that I enjoy!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, That new picture post makes really clear pictures. Those are great!

Nikki McElroy said...

Terrific Threes! You are right, every age has it's fun things and challenges. They are precious!