Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Fun in the Pool

This is not the most recent event, but the pics were pretty cute, so I hated to just skip over it for the sake of catching up!

Our friends Josh and Cris came over one afternoon with their son Carter, who is only three months older than JonZReaTom, and the whole posse enjoyed some fun times in the pool. They brought baby Kennedy too, but she didn’t go swimming!

DSC_2242 Carter

DSC_2246 Thomas

DSC_2250 Zachary

DSC_2253 Carter and Reagan

DSC_2254 Reagan

DSC_2257 Wait a minute! Just how many kids are in this pool?!?

It was a super-fun afternoon for everyone! Too bad Josh and Cris don’t live right next door anymore. We could do this all the time!

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