Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Texas Comes to Visit

You know those friends, the ones you’ve had for years and years and no matter how far away they live and how rarely you speak to each other, much less actually SEE each other, you still manage to keep up? And when you FINALLY do get to actually spend some time together face-to-face, it’s like you’ve never been apart? Well, I have a couple of friends like that, and one of them came to visit recently!

This is my friend Becky! And her three beautiful children, Lucas, Nate, and Ava (from the left), ages 2, 4, and 6. She packed them all up in the car and drove with them BY HERSELF all the way from DALLAS! I’m SO impressed!


Becky and I went to church, high school, and college together. I was in her wedding, and she was in mine. Sadly though, we hadn’t seen each other since Ava was 6 months old. For you not-so-mathy types, that’s 5 and a half years ago!

It was SO great to have Becky for a visit. It was nice to catch up in person, instead over over email and blog posts. I loved getting to know her kids and showing off my own!

We had lots of fun playing together. We took the entire group to the park one morning. It wasn’t crowded…until we got there!



It was a bit much sometimes for Ava and Nate to be surrounded by so many little ones, but Lucas blended right in. He’s only 6 months younger than JonZReaTom and just as tall, so he could easily have passed for one of the set. In fact, at first glance in this next picture, you assume that Becky is reading to all four of my kids, but then you realize that they are all boys, no Reagan!


Becky reads to JonZ-Lu-Tom

We made special time for Becky's kids to get in the pool. It was a little cool for the pool during their visit, but Ava especially had her heart set on it, so we went out in the heat of the day while my kids were asleep.



N-N-No, it’s n-not c-c-cold!

The kids had fun playing with Jim too, and he thoroughly enjoyed them. Jim also enjoyed cooking some super-fabulous dinners in Becky’s honor!



The whole gang: Thomas, Reagan, Zachary, Jonathan,Ava, Lucas, Nate

And Becky and I had some fun recreating our favorite picture from college. Here we are freshman year of college in one of the famed Harding swings. We both loved this picture. Even with my big glasses, I’ve always thought it was a pretty good pic of both of us, especially in comparison to most of the pics back then!


So there we are in the spring of 1994, and here we are 15 years later in the summer of 2009! I’d say we’re aging pretty well!


It was a really great visit! I’m so glad that Becky was able to come and so honored that she would make such an effort! I sincerely hope that it won’t be another 5 and a half years before we see each other again!

If you’d like to read Becky's version of her trip, and i assure you it’s an entertaining read, check out her blog HERE, but be warned! What Becky Thinks is addictive, and you’ll find yourself going back for more!


Becky said...

oh ali i love you! so fun to read about my visit. snickered at the jonzlutom part...too cute. i'm so glad you were able to scan in the college photo of us. we were cute then, but drop dead gorgeous now.

Anonymous said...

Reunions have twice the love - that remembered and that renewed.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your pics are working properly now. It was fun to read about Becky's visit. So glad you two have stayed in touch.

Love, Mom