Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harris Cousins

We went to Memphis last weekend to visit my side of the family, but before I post about that weekend, I need to post about our visit from and with Jim’s side of the family.

The second weekend of August was a big, busy weekend. The festivities actually started on Thursday with the arrival of Jim’s three cousins, Josh, Koda, and Caleb, and josh’s wife Erin. They all spent the night at our house that night, and we got sitters so we could all go out to see our favorite local band Flipside Runner.

DSC_2483 We were just a wee bit crowded, but it was worth it!

Friday brought the additional arrival of Uncle Clay, Aunt Carey, and Cousins Tyler and Avery. (The adult cousins did not spend the night a second night, in case you were curious as to where we managed to bed down so many people!) That night the menfolk all went to UT’s Welcome Back BBQ and had lots of football fun. When they returned, Carey and I got to go out to dinner and enjoy some relaxing non-child time.


Sat we just enjoyed each other’s company. We managed to get the kids in the pool for a little bit too, but they got cold and wanted out before I was able to get many good pictures. Actually, I didn’t get many good pictures at all the whole weekend. There just always seemed to be so much going on that there was never time to think about grabbing the camera!

DSC_2573 Cousin Tyler

On Sunday, we all went to Jasper to visit Gammy, Granny Kat, Pawpaw and Nene. We had a DELICIOUS lunch at Gammy and Granny’s house, then paid a visit to Pawpaw and Nene’s. Again there is a lack of pictures, but we did get a couple cute ones of the kids’ first times in Pawpaw’s big truck.

DSC_2576 Jonathan and Pawpaw

DSC_2577 Thomas

DSC_2598 Uncle Clay and Tyler

There are no pictures of Reagan or Zachary in the truck because they refused to get in it!

It was a hectic, fabulous weekend! We always cherish the chance to see family no matter how quick the visit! Or how poorly documented!


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