Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our New Home

No, we haven't moved. It just feels like a new house with all the work Jim (and Rusty! Thank you Rusty for all your help!) put into it while the kids and I were in Memphis. A BEAUTIFUL new house! Take a look!



This is our living room, and i LOVE it! The blue is so perfect, and it looks great with our furniture. I can't wait to pick up some new decorative items to go with this new color! And also notice the baseboards. Jim replaced the old ones with new taller ones, and they look SO GOOD!


Notice the gorgeous trim Jim put in across the top of the cutout area of the wall that goes from the living room to the kitchen. What a difference it makes!

This isn't the greatest before picture of the eating area of our kitchen, but it's the best I could do. I wanted one with the furniture still in the room, and Jim only took pictures after removing the furniture.


Isn't this gorgeous! Look at that chair rail Jim put in! It looks so pretty I'm going to have to find another home for my china cabinet because I don't want to cover up the walls or the window!

Here's a shot of a project Jim ran out of time to finish. He intends to make a bunch of frames like the one here to go on the wall below the chair rail. It's going to look great!

I just can't put into words how much I love what Jim has done! And the pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it is! I am so proud of the job Jim did and so blessed to have such a talented hubby! And his talented friend!


The Perkins Girls said...

ooh, looks fab! good job, jim!

The McNulty Family said...

WOW!! It looks SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!

Denton Family said...

I Love the blue color in your den!Paint adds so much. Jim is so handy. Looks great!

Stephanie said...

WOW..it looks great!!! Hope you are enjoying your "new" house!!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I had no idea there was a window behind the buffet! It looks great, I can't wait to see it in person. What did the kids say?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Good work, Jim.


Anonymous said...

Go Jim! It looks super!