Monday, March 23, 2009

Memphis Trip!

WARNING: Lengthy post with LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

To begin, I want to give a great big thank you to my dad who bravely drove to Knoxville, left his car behind, and drove my van-full of children (and me) to Memphis! Thank you! Thank you!

We arrived in Memphis on Friday afternoon, and although our descent upon the cousins' "territory" was a little overwhelming at first, all the kids quickly adapted to the new arrangements, and they really had a blast together the whole time we were there!

Playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie

THE highlight of the visit--climbing up and mostly sliding back down the stairs in a massive group of screaming, laughing children

The kids' table

A couple of days we went to Jojo and Jeff's house to play. Happily no one threw up there like they did on our last visit back in the fall. Yuck! This time there was nothing but good times for everyone!

Daddy Bud pulling Thomas and Kallen (Thomas insisted on wearing Kinley's helmet!)

The kids, especially Zachary, LOVED riding around with Kinley in her jeep

They also desperately wanted to drive themselves. Unfortunately the only driving skill they have is mashing on the gas pedal--no braking and no steering! So if Kinley wasn't driving, we disconnected the battery and ruined ALL the fun!

And of course, we did a WHOLE LOT of playing at Bud and KayKay house! There were lots of toys and balloons to play with and a cat to terrorize inside (Poor Puddin) and bubbles and balls and hills to climb outside!

Bud helping Zachary slide down the hill

Thomas gets a turn

Jonathan's turn!

Kinley's turn

Our sweet cousins, Kinley and Kallen

Reagan having a blast

My very photogenic Jonathan

Hard to believe that a little over a year ago, Kallen was in a half-body cast that immobilized her legs! You can't tell it now!

Super bubble fun!

A game they could all play together

One day we even all descended upon George and Nancy at Kirby Pines, and they bravely allowed us to all eat in their dining hall. The wait staff was incredibly patient and attentive! The kids' favorite part was the big staircase where they posed for this picture.

(back row) Kallen, Zachary, Kinley
(front row) Thomas, Jonathan, Reagan

This is only a sampling of all the pictures I took while we were in Memphis. My sister also got some really great ones, which I will post as soon as I get them. If you can't wait, you can go read her blog: The Perkins Girls!

We had such a great time visiting all our family in Memphis. The kids did really well adjusting to a new place and new routines. They even adjusted decently well to sleeping in the big twin beds. It was certainly a better experience than last time!

We also enjoyed getting to see some friends and making a couple new ones! Thank you Mom and Dad for all the work you did to make our stay a good one! We love you!

It was a really great visit, but a long time to be away from home, so the kids and I were very happy when Jim showed up in Memphis after his long week of house renovating! We missed him so much while we were gone! And what a treat to come home to a beautiful "new" house!
Coming soon...another house project and...


Anonymous said...

We LOVED having all of you!

K-K & Bud

The Perkins Girls said...

Great pics!! Loved seeing you guys and can't wait to do it again soon!!!