Monday, March 16, 2009


Right before we headed across the state, the kids got new haircuts IN AN ACTUAL SALON!!!! It was the first time for a salon haircut for everyone except Thomas whose uncooperative hair has necessitated prior trips. THANK YOU SO MUCH KIM FOR GOING WITH US! And bringing a camera! Your help was invaluable!

All in all, the kids did incredibly well! Much better than I expected! They were so good to sit in the chairs and wait their turn, and even when they got excited and wanted to see what was happening to their siblings, they were good to stay in the waiting area and not run all over the place. We only had one meltdown during a cut (Zachary), but that was mostly solved when I pulled out a sucker and handed it over. He was much more compliant after that!
Despite the look on Reagan's face, she never cried during her haircut. She cried AFTER it! I'm not really sure why, but when she was done and I got her down from the chair, she started crying and kept saying, "No! Haircut! I want a haircut!" Very strange!
Jonathan sporting his new 'do
Zachary, before the meltdown
This picture cracks me up because the man in the poster on the wall looks like a real person looking over the hairdresser's shoulder. He's having such a good time!
Yes, the kids were great, and afterwards Kim and I took them to the food court at the mall for lunch, and they were great then too! They are getting so big! I'm so proud of them!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! And Zachary REALLY looks like Kinley in this picture! I loved the haircuts!


The Perkins Girls said...

You're right, Mom! He does! I'm telling ya, he could be my son :) I love Reagan's reaction--such a girl--more pampering!!!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I'm so proud of them too! Ethan got his hair cut while we were in Louisiana and he pitched a fit because he didn't want the shawl on his arms....oh well!