Saturday, April 26, 2008

Zachary Update

Not much change so far. Yesterday he turned down a cookie and Apple jacks. He ate some blueberries at dinner, and some raisins,but nothing else. This morning he ate some pancake, but not much. At lunch just now, he ate three bites of pizza and some more blueberries. Still drinking fine.

He played happily all the rest of yesterday, was a little cranky this morning when he first got up, but was then back to normal after breakfast.

Diaper output remains normal. Still no fever. No other symptoms of any kind. We did break down and call the pediatrician today at the end of lunch who didn't seem to think it was ear-related or obstruction-related. But thank you Jodie and Wendy for the suggestions.

I was told to just keep watching him for any other symptoms and not worry too much as long as he keeps drinking. We're going to try to get him to drink a Carnation instant breakfast this afternoon. Hopefully he'll like it!

Our current theory is that he has a tooth coming in. For the longest time he has been cramming a finger way back into his mouth and chewing on it. He's been doing it so long that I don't even notice it anymore, but Jim always remembers those sorts of things and suggested the possibility of tooth pain. I wasn't expecting any more teeth until sometime after we turn two, but it's not out of the question for him to be getting one or more of the lest set of molars. It makes sense that this tooth could be coming in and eating could be painful. We attempted to look in his mouth and see anything unusual, but he was very resistant. Jim felt like he might have spotted something white back there like the top of a tooth, but he wasn't sure.

Anyway, we'll keep watching him and letting you all know what's going on! Tonight's dinner may consist of a lot of really soft foods, like applesauce and mashed potatoes!

The face of a starving child--taken today at lunch


shack said...

So glad to check back and see such a precious and happy baby boy! They say that "teeth eruption" feels worse than labor pains...go figure! I am sure that this too shall pass:) Thanks for listening to my blahblah!! Wendy Leonard

Michele said...

Andy started getting his two year molars before he was two also. I have heard that the molars are more painful because they are flatter. He also went from a great eater to a REALLY picky eater. Somedays he wouldn't eat at all!. If I get one good meal in him I'm happy:)

Emily said...

The finger chewing at the very back of the mouth could also explain the random puking...he could have accidentally gagged himself and thrown up just a little bit, but not enough to look like real sickness. Just a thought.