Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun with Bud and KayKay

My parents came to visit this last week while Jim was away for work. It was certainly nice to have both the company and the extra help! The kids had a lot of fun playing with Bud and KayKay all week! Here are a few pics of the fun we had:

One morning we loaded the kids up and took them to the mall. It was the first time they all went to the mall at the same time!

They loved watching the fountain splash in the pool of water. I'm sure they would have all jumped in if they could have! They also got to play at the mall's little playland. They had a blast and did NOT want to leave!

Bud took the kids for a ride in the choo-choo wagon each afternoon. He discovered, as I did recently, that pulling the kids uphill is harder than it was back in the late fall when we first got the wagon! But they sure loved it!

And we spent lots of time playing in the back yard! (More back yard pics later!)

And, of course, nothing beats a little cuddle-time in front of the TV!


Rick & Jenn Payne said...

We love your pictures. The kids are adorable. I have quads too. They're four months. It looks like I have a lot of FUN times to look forward to. Thank you for sharing your life. Jenn - the mom of the herd

BoufMom9 said...

What wonderful pictures!!!!! :)