Friday, April 25, 2008

Medical Mystery

Something is strange with Zachary, but the only real symptom is a loss of appetite. Here's the story...

When I went to get the kids out of bed yesterday morning, I noticed a brownish-tinted wet area in Zachary's bed, It smelled like puke, but there was no evidence of any puke. There was only a few tiny balls of brown mushy something. It looked like poop, but didn't smell like poop. He did have a dirty diaper, but there was no evidence of any diaper disturbance, so I don;t know how any poop could have gotten out of the diaper. His shirt all around his neck was wet and smelled like puke. Nothing like it has happened since.

At breakfast he ate nothing., maybe a couple of Cheerios when I wasn't looking. At lunch he ate nothing. At supper he ate a fish stick, some ketchup, and a few raisins. He ate no snacks. Today he ate a little more at breakfast--half his Cheerios and three quarters of a breakfast bar, but nothing like normal Zachary eating. At lunch he ate a few mini M&Ms and half a potato chip. He hasn't touched any of the food he normally loves, like corn or grapes or pizza.

He has been drinking fine--milk and juice and water.

All diaper output has been completely normal. He's not running a fever. He laughs and plays and runs all over the house like nothing is bothering him. He's sleeping perfectly fine.

So basically, with the exception of the whatever-it-was in his bed yesterday morning, he's totally fine...he just won't eat. So strange! Any ideas?

I'll keep you posted!

The other kids are eating just fine, by the way!


shack said...

Hi-I am a frequent reader of your blog and felt compelled to leave an idea...if things should continue for be a mystery. I am also a Harding grad 1997 and pediatric ER nurse. Only an idea, this type of behavior where they aren't eating normally or even at all, makes me think of possible obstruction, not airway but abdominal obstruction. Zachary is at the perfect age where the exploration of "everything" has to involve the mouth too. I don't know how many kids I have seen up to the age of 5yrs old that had obstructed with coins (quarters), barbie shoes and parts around the house! So, if he continues to give you any gut feelings of not feeling right, just go to the nearest ER or after hours clinic to get an abdominal xray and soft tissue neck xray. I am not trying to sound discouraging, but just thought of this when I read his symptoms. Your kids are precious!
Wendy Shackelford Leonard

Anonymous said...

hey, ali! was there anything in his ear canal? when kinley's eardrum ruptured, our only symptom was some brownish wad of yuck on her pillow and a little residual in the canal. she never ran fever or acted ill or anything. just a thought :) they feel better once it ruptures!!