Tuesday, November 6, 2007

October Stats

Here is the final tally for sickness in the month of October, by far our worst month of all 16 months the kids have been around as far as sickness is concerned!

Number of days one or more children ran a fever: 13

Number of days one or more children had a runny nose: 15

Number of ear infections: 3

Number of cases of infant roseola: 1 confirmed by doctor, 1 unconfirmed

Let's hope November is better!

I spent a good deal of the month of October feeling sorry for myself because I have quadruplets and they were all sick and it just went on and on and nobody who doesn't have multiples could possibly understand, blah, blah, blah! I was quite pitiful sometimes. But I have since been reminded that even families without multiples can have to deal with sickness that just goes on and on, one thing after another for days or weeks on end. I'm sure this is not the end of this winter's ailments. I hope that in the future I can keep things more in perspective and just be glad that my kids aren't seriously ill. Seemingly endless fevers and runny noses are annoying and inconvenient and kind of messy, but they aren't frightening. They aren't scary sicknesses. Ear infections can be dealt with. Noses can wiped. I need to remember to thank God that my children haven't been sick with anything truly serious and pray that they never are!

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