Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In the News!

Hey, did you guys hear we are in the newspaper?
What's a newspaper?

Wow! We really are in the newspaper today! I have to say it was pretty fun to see myself and Jim and the kids in print! For all the world to see! Well, for half of Knoxville, anyway! So run out North and West and get your own copy! We're hot off the presses!

We'll be getting several copies!

Elizabeth Pooley, who wrote the article, did a great job! We bombarded her with a tremendous amount of information the day she visited us! Her hand must have hurt from all the notes she took! However, I hope I won't hurt her feelings if a make a few corrections.

First of all, although I'm sure the members of Hardin Valley Baptist Church are very lovely people who would have been delighted to help us if they had known about us, we did not receive any support from them. Which is fine! They don't know us, so there was no reason for them to help us out. We did, however, receive enormous support from the members of Hardin Valley Church of Christ. They have been just as wonderful to us as our home congregation of West End Church of Christ. In fact, they are still supplying us with diapers, a gift we are extremely grateful for! They were also involved in the provision of meals and volunteer help, in conjunction with the members of West End.

I would also like to add that my sister, Jodie Perkins of Memphis, also came to help out when the babies came home. Having just completed her first year as a mom, she was and continues to be an invaluable source of help for my new adventure as a mom. Also my dear dear friend Michelle who lives here in Knoxville. I couldn't have remained as sane as I have without her continuous presence and support. I could probably fill the entire newspaper by myself naming off all the people who helped us out, particularly during the early months when we were so overwhelmed and in need of constant encouragement and strength.

Honestly, what it all comes down to is this: we have been blessed beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Not only have we been blessed with four beautiful, healthy children, but we have also been blessed with all the support; emotional, physical, financial, mental, etc.; we needed to make it through the trials that come along with having four babies at once. God knew what we needed and He has provided it in the most amazing and unexpected ways!

Another correction, the kids weren't born at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. They were born at Ft. Sanders Regional and then quickly transported to the NICU at Children's.

Now than, there are probably other things I could change or add to the article, but they are of little consequence, so I'll stop. If I don't, the English teacher in me will come out and I will end up re-writing the entire article! Sometimes I just can't help myself!


Andria said...

Aww, wish I could go down to the corner here in Sacramento and pick up the paper! LOL. Is there a link online? I'm very much a "proofreader" myself and cab be "knit-picky", but when the facts are mis-stated and those that deserve credit aren't given it, it's important to be sure that is corrected. Good for you! Yes, you have been blessed in SO many ways! Rejoice in it!

Andria said...

okay, proofreading my own comment..."CAN be" knit-picky! THAT would bug me all day!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

You've been busy updating!! I wish the article was on the internet. I have to go to the store later today, I'll look for a copy then.

Abby's Mom said...

Get a copy for me!!! I'd love to read it!

TnMomTo3 said...

That was a great article!!

I completely understand your feelings when you first found out you were having 4!! We had those exact same feelings when we found out we were having 2! :) I just laughed hysterically while Phil just stood there in shocked silence.

You truly have been blessed w/ a wonderful family!


Emily said...

I didn't know you guys went to a Church of Christ! I do too! How fun. :)