Friday, November 16, 2007

The Basket Wars

The kids have recently discovered the joy of climbing into laundry baskets. The problem: not enough baskets for all the kids! At least not enough sitting out where they can be easily reached by toddlers! And the battle has begun. Who will reign supreme? Who will run away crying? Who will get bonked on the head when he is dumped out of the basket by one of his own siblings? Who will get squished when someone tries to climb in on top of him? Who knows? There's so many of them! The answer is always changing!

You've been in there long enough, Reagan!

Why do you have to be so heavy, Zachary?

Believe it or not, Zachary is actually climbing out of his basket and into Thomas'!

I love how Thomas sits in the basket with his little feet sticking out!

Quite a change from just over a year ago when they fit two to a basket and no shoving!

I've always loved this picture of Reagan and Thomas!

Finally, those stupid baskets are out of my way and I can get some reading done...what do you mean the book is upside down?


Becky said...

you can get them each their very own basket for Christmas. Except, if you actually buy them and present them as gifts, then they won't want them anymore. That's just the way it works.

Andria said...

Oh gosh, that was funny! What cute loads of laundry you have! Can you imagine what else they'll fight over in years to come?