Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wagon of Good and Evil

The kids have a little wagon. It was mine when I was little, a gift from my grandmother on my first Christmas. It's metal and yellow. Maybe some of you had one like it. The kids love the wagon...

...but sometimes the wagon doesn't love them back.

I'm not sure how well you can see it, but there is a bruise across the bridge of Thomas' nose. During an attempt to climb into the wagon, he pushed down on the front of it, causing it to flip the back end up, through the air, and crashing into Thomas' face, leaving him with a lovely bruise, but no permanent damage that I can tell.

Poor guy. These things always seem to happen to Thomas. Actually, the very next day, Zachary ran into him, pushing him down, where his face landed right on top of Jim's coffee cup, causing him to cut his lip a little. There was blood.

It's always Thomas.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes being a parent hurts worse than being a child. I have to admit that I cried a little when Jim told me about poor Thomas and his "hurtyous". Grammy Pammy PS. I was glad to see that he was his usual self when I was there last week.