Monday, September 10, 2007


I was talking to my mom today and she offered to cut the kids' hair when she comes to visit in a couple of weeks, saying they were bound to need it, especially Thomas. And I said that would be great because it was a nightmare when I had cut the boys' hair before. She was surprised to hear that I HAD cut the boys' hair, and I thought, "Didn't you see the pictures on the blog?" But then it hit me. I never posted about cutting the boys' hair! So even though it was about a month and a half ago, here it is...

Jim and I had already tried to cut hair once before, an event which ended when one of the boys grabbed ahold of the scissors and slid his finger across the blade, slicing it wide open. Bizarrely, I can't remember if it was Zachary or Thomas. I think it was Zachary, although it seems like we cut Thomas' hair second, so it should have been him. I'm sure Jim remembers since he was the one holding the scissors.

Weeks later, when I couldn't stand the mullet Thomas was sporting any longer, I decided to try again. This time I left the kids in their high chairs after lunch and gave each boy as good a trim as I could give while they were constantly squirming trying to grab the scissors, the comb, or just see what it was I was doing. Easily one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do. Of course, it doesn't help that I know nothing about cutting hair! No wonder my dad was four years old before he got his first haircut! I don't blame his parents a bit!

Needless to say, the idea of having someone else give it a shot is very appealing. After Mom tries, I may have to drag my friend Amanda all the way across town to do it!

Anyway, here are the results...
It's not the best picture, but I rarely take pictures of the back of the kids' heads, so it's the best I've got. Notice how his hair is curled over the top of the bib and then imagine it 2 or 3 weeks longer.
After-Significantly shorter, though obviously not straight! It's really bad right behind his ears because he kept urning his head from side to side trying to see what I was doing, and I was afraid I was going to clip off the tip of his ear!


Anonymous said...

Well, I am proud of you for being so brave! And their hair does look much better than I was imagining. Jodie suggested we let them watch a video while I trim, so that is my plan. Can't wait to see my boys & girl.

Love, Kay-Kay

Becky said...

that doesn't look bad at all. i cut ava's bangs recently and discovered later that they had a definite slope- we're talking about an inch shorter on one side. ooops.

TnMomTo3 said...

Looks like you did a pretty good job! My girls are 2 1/2 and they're every bit as squirmy now as they were at 1 year. HA!

I've taken them to Kidz Fun Kutz, but that's way too expensive, so I'm trying to keep them trimmed myself...not an easy job!!

They all look as cute as ever! :)

Anonymous said...

Not going to cut off those beautiful curls are you? Also, beware of cutting wet hair - it shrinks as it dries.