Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Anniversaries!

Happy wishes to two special couples from Jim and me and all the babies!
Happy Third Anniversary to Michele and Matthew!
Here they are on their wedding day, Sept.4, 2004!
Happy Tenth Anniversary to Michelle and Judah!
Ten years seems unbelievable, until I remember that I've been married for seven! Here are Michelle and Judah and the whole wedding party on their wedding day way back on Sept.6, 1997!
And just in case you're curious, that's me next to the maid-of-honor! And Jim next to the groom! This was the first time we ever met each other! Awww! And since I already mentioned them, Michele and Matthew were also in the wedding. Michele is the second bridesmaid from the left and Matthew is the second groomsmen from the right.

Happy Anniversary!

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