Friday, June 29, 2012

We Love Books!

Kindergarten was a great year for learning to read!  I mean, my kids have always loved books and being read to, but this year they really started to read on their own!  Some of them took to reading like fish to water!  Zachary is a great reader!  Thomas is right behind him!

The other two have struggled a bit more, but made excellent progress over the year!  Reagan’s teacher sent two books home with her every week to practice reading.  We were supposed to read them both every night, but that often didn’t happen.  Still, we read them as much as we could and it really helped for her to read the same books over and over.  It helped the other kids too because they always wanted to read the books too!

The first time we read a new book was always the biggest challenge.  Reagan gets frustrated easily VERY EASILY!  It took a whole lot of patience sometimes to get through a book with her.  Sometimes I would get so frustrated myself that Jim would have to step in and calm us both down.  But as frustrating as it was, we kept doing it and as the weeks went by, Reagan got better and better at reading and things got less and less frustrating.

She still gets frustrated quickly when she meets a word she doesn’t know, but she’s better at sounding them out, so we get through it quickly…usually :)

Anyway, they still love to be read to!

Bible story time!

They also love to read on their own…or at least look at the pictures in the case of this Star Wars book!


How cute are they looking at the book together!  So sweet!

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