Thursday, June 28, 2012

Christmas 2011: The Whirlwind Tour

I’m going to attempt to get all of the Christmas season into one post!  We’ll see how it goes!

Christmas Event #1: Putting up the Tree

Every year it is a challenge to put up the tree.  The kids are SO EXCITED and they want to rush to open everything and hang everything, but I get nervous about ornaments being broken and boxes getting lost.  Alas.  Somehow we managed.

The kids did a pretty good job of spreading the ornaments around, although Thomas in particular liked to hang ornaments in tight groups, sometimes hanging them on each other rather than on the tree branches!


Every year the kids get a little taller and the ornaments make it a little further up the tree!

Reagan got to put up the star this year.

We LOVE this snowman!

Event #2 Christmas Card Pictures

I wanted to do pictures outside this year, so of course we waited until the coldest day ever to take them!  It was SO COLD that day which made it hard to get a good picture with the kids NOT looking like they were freezing, but they were real troopers and we ended up with a great picture!

christmas card 2011

We took this picture at Victor Ashe Park on a great big boulder.  Love it!

Event #3 Christmas Eve

Making cookies for Santa


The Batcave was a big hit!

So were the soft, cushy blankets!

Event #4 Memphis Trip

Lots of presents and lots of cousins!

Baby Graham and Kallen

Zachary playing with Baby Graham

Loving on Kinley

So much fun!  Can’t wait to see them again SOON!

Event #5 Indy Trip

We left Knoxville right after Christmas and drove to Memphis, and when we left Memphis we drove to Indianapolis (Indiana-apolis, as the kids like to call it).  So much travel made for a BUSY break from school, but it was worth it to get to see so much family!  We see them so little during the school year!


Tyler’s light sabers lit up and made for some cool pictures!



The entire Christmas season had a few more events, but I have no pictures of them.  These give a pretty good impression of our Christmas season!

Merry Very Belated Christmas everyone!

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Glad we got to share part of it with you!

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